Orlando Brown Arrested By Bounty Hunters In Undies

Orlando Brown was arrested for an outstanding warrant, but this wasn't your typical arrest. Orlando was arrested by bounty hunters who busted into a man's house and found the former "That's So Raven" star hiding in his undies.

The video footage came from a raid by Lucky the Bounty Hunter in Las Vegas around 6:30 AM Friday. At first Lucky and his team try to enter but keep getting pushed back by the homeowner, claiming they have no legal right. Jokes on him though, because Lucky came with legal paperwork and warrants so they were allowed to enter the home. After an intense search, they found Brown hiding in a bedroom closet in a t-shirt and boxers....and eventually handcuffs. 

A judge issued the warrant for Brown when he failed to appear in court last month for another case, which was allegedly striking his girlfriend last year in Torrance. 

If there's anything I know, it's that there's NO WAY Raven saw this coming. Also, shout out to Lucky the Bounty hunter. Not gonna lie, got pretty excited because I thought it was gonna be Dog the Bounty hunter aka alpha Bounty hunter, but Lucky and his team did great.

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