Justin Bieber Turns Hero And Punches Man In The Face

TMZ - Justin Bieber punched a guy in the face and threw him against a wall after the man grabbed a woman by the throat at a Coachella party, and would not release his grip on her ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Justin and a friend showed up at a party Saturday being attended by Patrick Schwarzenegger. Justin was talking to some people when a guy walked in, spotted a woman ... and went ballistic. Sources at the party say he appeared to be on drugs -- and it looked as if the woman may have been his ex-GF. 

Good for Justin! Everyone loves talking trash about the singer but try and talk trash about this incodent... you can't.

The way it's being reported is some asshole choked a women at a Coachella party. Side note I bet everyone was dressed ridiculous. Honestly I would love to go the Coachella one day but I'm not California cool. I have love handles. I have bad acne. My mustaches don't connect. I get easily intimidated by the perfection that California cranks out with their people. I'd probably show up day one and get shoved in a locker by a 12 year old stoner kid wearing a Supreme fedora or some shit... let's get back to Justin. 

The choking goes down and everyone is yelling at this douche. When they realize the coward won't let go, hero Biebs jumped in and clocked the dude in the face. Could you imagine being saved by Justin Bieber. I would immediately be horny... so hot. Anyways later that day the attacker tried going after Justin when he was in the car. Screaming his name and striking the car. It led to the poliece coming. Rightly so they did nothing with Justin. 

I love this hero JB but honestly I need a news report about him peeing in a restaurant plant or something soon. I miss that.

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