Logic Is Back On The Market And Spotted With A New Girl

TMZ - Logic's wasting little time getting back in the saddle ... or in his case, in a private jet with a new chick.

Our Logic sources say the rapper boarded a jet bound for Vegas to do a show last week, and had a 19-year-old hot blonde with him, who we're told is named Brittney. She and Logic met earlier this year.

Sources say Brittney works at a juice shop in Calabasas that he frequents. It's unclear when they started dating.

Shout out to blonde girl Brittney for working at a juice shop in Calabasas. Be more of a basic white girl, you CANT!!!! 

Honestly I am so sick of juice bars and organic foods. I have been doing this stupid detox for about a week now and all I think about is pizza. All I dream about is calzones. You ever dream about a hot pocket? It's tough to wake up from that then drink a protein shake. My life sucks. 

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