Paris Hilton Has Advice For Khloe Kardashian & Cheater Tristan Thompson

TMZ - Paris Hilton says she loves Khloe Kardashian and wishes her the very best ... and has some words of wisdom for Tristan Thompson if he ever wants to get her back.

We got Paris and her sister Nicky in nearly matching dresses on Rodeo Dr. in Bev Hills Tuesday afternoon, and while Paris has some strong advice for Tristan on how to treat Khloe ... she holds back on the other way around.

So I've been doing this detox for the last ten days and it STINKS. Not to brag but I've done kinda decent as far as weight loss goes but it just sucks not being able to enjoy the good things in life. Of course I'm talking about pizza.

I'm tellin ya, people really take advntage of the za. If I had to guess what is one of the most common foods in America my money would definetly be on pizza. It is the universal party food. Who doesn't like a party?

The cheese, the pepperoni, the dough. Damn lately I've been thinking about banana peppers thrown on their too. You may be thinking, "Joe just eat a pizza. Who the hell cares about your detox?" Who cares? How about the fact that for 10 days straight I've had to drink fiber. 

Ya you read that right, I have to DRINK fiber. Ever throwup in your mouth and have to swallow it because that junk is the only thing letting you poop????? Didn't think so, but I have. Damn I've been through some shit.... 

But the point of this blog isn't about my detox. This isn't about the appreciation of pizza. Even though I really do think we need to take a step back sometimes and really appreciate what that culinary excellence has done for the community. This blog is about one thing and one thing only. 

Paris Hilton is dishing out advice for Khloe Kardashian and her cheating husband/boy friend/ I don't feel like checking to see their relationship. So yea, she gave her advice, kinda. Niceeeeee. 

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