Cardi B's Security Accused Of Beating Up Man At Met Gala

TMZ - Cardi B's security team allegedly attacked an overzealous fan in the early hours of Tuesday morning, viciously punching and kicking him outside NYC's Met Gala ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us the fan was trying to get an autograph from Cardi shortly after 2 AM as she left a post-Gala event at the Mark Hotel. In this video TMZ obtained, you can see Cardi tells the fan no ... but he persists, saying, "I'm an autograph hound." The next thing you see is a bunch of guys stomping someone on the ground.

I am not one to promote violence. I'm more of a ruin your life with my words type of person. The more I think about it I am definitely that way because I don't work out. If things got physical I could possibly die. Anyways, Cardi B's security doesn't play like that. 

Hear me out, I think this guy kinda had it coming. Autograph hounds are THE WORST!!! I went to a Tigers baseball game once. I'm just sitting there minding my own damn business eating a hotdog that was 6.2/10 good. Comerica Park has some terrible food, that's a convo for another day. Basically as I am about to take a bite, this dude (maybe 45 years old) comes out of nowhere and knocks my dog and beer on the ground!! I was one mad 18 year old. My point you may ask? Autograph hounds are THE WORST!!! 

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