ANOTHER Snapchat Update?!?!?

I used to really like Snapchat. And then they moved Stories to the left, and mixed them in with your friends. That was awful, and I know I wasn't alone in hating that.

But they eventually listened to us! They gave us a separate spot for Stories and put them in order, newest to oldest. It wasn't as good as the original way, but it was good enough. I was happy.

Then, the other day, I open Snapchat and get a little notice at the bottom saying "Stories are back on the right!" "Oh, that's cool. Back to the old way!" I thought...


You can barely see 4 Stories on the screen at once, and you can't see how long ago they were posted. It's awful.

They ripped the look straight from Instagram, too.

Can Snapchat do anything right these days?

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