Parents Are Suing Their 30 Year Old Son Because He Won't Move Out

Let me start off by saying I am a 22 year old college graduate (I went to an art school but it still counts), I have a full time job (it's radio but it still counts), and I still live with my parents. 

I graduated and moved back home about a year ago with the intentions of moving out within the first year so, technically, I still have time. That being said, no freaking way I want out. We can discuss this more but first I need to bring up how I found out about 30 year old Hagrid. Last night I get home from work. My mom told me to warm but the dinner she made for me and then come sit on the couch and watch a news story with both her and my pops. 

I had steamed veggies, quenwa queenua quinwa quinoa and salmon. Delicious and nutritious. I sat down and they pressed play. I knew this was going to be some type of "gotcha" bull shit I just didn't know what the story would be. I had a sigh of relief when I realized the story had nothing to do with weed or weed pens, my stash was not infiltrated. 

My parents were clearly showing me this as a hint to get me out of the house. I respected the move but in no way was it going to work. Here's a tip mom and dad. Want me to move out? Don't have salmon and grains I can't even spell correctly on a plate waiting for me when I get home. Are there moments I want to be out the house? Of course. No girl in the right mind would want to go back to my race car bed at my childhood home to bake cookies. But let's be real, I could live in a mansion by myself with lion statues, a hot tub and custom doorbell and I still wouldn't be able to close the deal. 

This news piece to me is a warning, an 8 year warning. Show me virgin Post Malone when I'm about to break 30 momma. 

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