Kendall Jenner Spotted With Ben Simmons

Hey Kendall Jenner wanna know a real fast way to become my least favorite Kardashian (I guess she's technically not one but who cares you get what I'm saying)?? Break Blakes heart. 

Maybe she likes Philly more than Detroit? Maybe she is a history buff and that's why she is dating 76ers star Ben Simmons? 

Wait, no, I have the answer!

Maybe she is a big Nicolas Cage fan!! How could you not love National Treasure. 

I really mess with the lemon scene. I actually got a full week of detention in 2nd grade because I sprayed lemon juice on the back of my classrooms Declaration of Independence. 

I don't know how people don't like Nick Cage. You ever see him in the movie where he's a skeleton and he rides a motor cycle?

Me neither. 

I mean really when you look at the full cast this movie is star studded. How about White Doug from the Hangover playing a guy with a girls name!!

Fun fact, we went to the same high school.

Anyways this all makes sense. Kendall Jenner is dating Ben Simmons because she loves Nicolas Cage movies. 

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