Detroit Cop Is Suing Trey Songz After 2016 Big Show Incident

Looks like more is coming out about our 2016 Big Show. This time one of the police officers who was backstage is suing Trey Songz saying he hit him.

TMZ - Sgt. Avery arrested Trey, tried to take him into custody when he says Trey fought him and struck him in the face. The officer fell to the ground and hit his head on the concrete. He allegedly suffered visible bruising and swelling to his right temple, as well as a contusion to his left forehead ... he also hurt his hip.

The cop says Trey hurled hateful comments, including, "F*** you cracker. White motherf******. F*** all you honkeys and f*** the police."

I gotta ask the question, what if this was a white artist saying hateful comments to a black officer? Just something to think about.

Trey Songz has already pled guilty to 2 counts of disturbing the peace.

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