VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Confronts Tristan Thompson


Love this move. Everyone is all joking around and having fun but there has to be some animosity that we aren't seeing, right? It all started a few months back when TMZ outed Tristan Thompson for cheating on his then pregnant girlfriend Khloe Kardashian. Rightly so, all the Kardashian sisters went off on him. Kim probably went in the most and it lead to TT hitting the block button on KK. 

All this does is get me excited for this summer. LeBron James is going to LA. I don't know which team but he is for sure going to LA. Matter of fact I'm so sure about it everyone should be crediting THEjoeSHOW. When this does happen Tristan has to block Bron Bron on the gram right?? Cuz he for sure isn't on the court... 



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