Costo is Making Changes to its Food Court Menu

Costco announced earlier this week that they will be switching up their food court menu to offer healthier items along with vegan and vegetarian options. Now before you get in an outrage the $1.50 Hot Dog Combo stays as well as their pizza (Joe and Jed from The Joe Show you don't have to worry anymore).

Some of the new items include an acai fruit bowl, organic burger and vegan protein salad. While the hot dog combo will stay the Polish dog has been removed from the menu at various locations. 

Props to Costco for adding healthier options to their menu and more props to Costco for not removing the hot dog from the menu. If the hot dog was removed I may have had to switch over to Sam's Club   

Are you going to try the new items on the menu? (Also, if you don't care and want to post "who cares" in the comment section, just know your mother cares... she shops there)

Photo via Getty Images

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