Starbucks Is Getting Rid Of Straws


Don't hate the move and we have time to 'adjust' if needed but I really need something special from Starbucks. I am a long time fan of the bucks. I am a gold card member, not to brag. I am also a big fan of the frappachinos frapichino, my spelling is so off my computer wont even guess what I am trying to say, frappuccino. Oh duhhh it's not a word but who cares. Anyways I mess with the frapps heavy but I hate the stigma behind ordering it. I have a lot of coffee drinker friends who like to make fun of me when I'm walking around with the delicious drink. Can we get a cup that makes it look like a coffee? I'm talking something that all the annoying people would think I'm rolling in with black coffee and I don't mess with the cream. That would be ideal.  


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