Writer says Dogs "Parasites" and "Con Men"

In the era of fake news, I think we have found the fakest news of all. Chris Reed of the San Diego Union - Tribue came out with an article called "Let's be honest, America: Dogs are parasites, not man's best friend."

Reed states in his article that owners spend way too much money on our pets ($69 Billion, according to the article) and Reed also based a lot of his opinion on the 2000 book The Truth About Dogs and a You Tube video where a dog couldn't recognize his master after the master had lost 50 pounds. Reed put in his article "But was the dog — Willie — overjoyed to have his friendly master back? Or to have his primary meal ticket back." 

First off Chris: 

Second Chris (saying in a more condescending tone):

Lastly, lets fill Chris Reeds twitter ( @ChrisReed99) with pictures of all of our good boys.

GIFS curtesy of GIPHY and the Picture of the dog belongs to my mother. The dogs name is Izzo. 

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