"Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins with No Tattoos" One Woman Claims

Lori Alexander is the creator of the blog called "The Transformed Wife". Alexander released a blog on July 16th titled "Men Prefer Debt-free Virgins without tattoos." 

The blog talks about how women these days are not raised the right way and are shipped off to college and not taught to be women. 

"There are many more reasons why Christian young women should carefully consider whether or not they go to college, especially if they want to be wives and mothers someday. Secular universities teach against the God of the Bible and His ways. It’s far from what God calls women to be and do: it teaches them to be independent, loud, and immodest instead of having meek and quiet spirits. " - Lori Alexander

Alexander has received a lot of black-lash over the blog due to...a lot of reasons. She even released a new post named "Godly Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos." In her new post Alexander had to explain some misconceptions in the first post, like which type of men prefer the debt-free virgins with no tattoos. 

"I believe it is GODLY young men who prefer such a woman. This article will not make any sense to a worldly/carnal man, and plus, their desires are much different than that of a Godly man." - Lori Alexander

That is a lot to take in. I will simply put it this way. Every person finds different qualities attractive. For a women to say men find those qualities more attractive is erroneous. Also, Alexanders blog attacks women who want to go to college and have a career over finding a husband and raising children. You may want that Lori but lets not try to speak for all men and women anymore. Lastly, tattoos are cool, they do last forever but cost a lot less than other things in your life that last forever.

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