Eminem Drops Surprise Album 'Kamikaze'

Eminem is back, and he's not afraid to name names...

Here are my thoughts after the first listen.

Mainly he's just pissed no one liked his last  album.

The 13 track album produced by Dr. Dre & Eminem (honestly this could be wrong, it's 2am and I want to sleep). FEATURES Joyner Lucas andJessie Reyez Royce Da 59.

Opens with THE RINGER and it sets the tone for the whole album.Takes shots at the new age rap, lil yachty, lil pump and lil xan. Mike Pence, not a rapper, eminem disses him as wellBasically says all Charlamagne tha God does is hate and he'll get "donkey of the day" no matter what. At the end he says his hate is faced towards the media.

Paul Rosenberg has another skit - pretty funny and classic.

I want to know who Eminem is calling out when he calls back Paul. Who ever this person is, they're from Michigan.. good luck champ.

Stepping stone is pretty damn good. Says D12 is dead in it. This makes me sad because my salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance and take off their underpants. 


Sonically very similar to "Look Alive" - lmao who the hell do I think I am using the word sonically... they sound the same. 

we learned Tay Keith can keep secrets...

The more I think about it he dissed the new rappers and drake and this guy jumped on a Tay Keith track.. 

Kamikazi calls out Charlamagne tha God, Migos, Drake, and of course the new rappers. Tyler the Creator gets a shout out from Eminem. Em calls Tyler a F**. It is edited out but you still know what is said. Also says Earl Sweatshirt writes his raps. This is in response to Tyler tweeting about Walk on Water..

Venom made for the movie and like the movie, not great.

I don't know, all in all the album was dope but why do you care what I think? Listen to the album on the iHeart app so I can eat. I am going back to bed

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