"In My Feelings" is about Kim Kardashian?

Everybody wants to believe a fan theory but often there is no evidence to support it. But now there is a theory that has a some credible evidence to support the theory that "In My Feelings" by Drake is about Kim Kardashian thanks to twitter user @tmorrison24 (Tyler Morrison).

Hopefully we can go this journey to know that "In My Feelings" is about Kim K.

Our first piece of evidence from Detective Morrison is finding Kim's long lost nickname KiKi

Maybe this is too much of a coincidence but then Morrison reveals that Drake may have some beef with Kanye that prompted the subliminal message to his song. 

Another clue could be the fact that Drake lives close to Kim and Kanye and had some interesting lyrics on Side A of Scorpian...

Morrison has more points in his thread that you can see here. But the question is...Do you believe in the theory? Because I'm all in...my feelings

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