Tigers announcers Mario Impemba, Rod Allen Reportedly Fight After Game

It is being reported Mario Impemba & Rod Allen were involved in a physical altercation leaving Tigers fans jealous they couldn't join the fight.

SOURCE - Multiple sources told The Athletic that neither Impemba nor Allen were part of Wednesday’s broadcast due to a physical altercation between the two television personalities following Tuesday’s game in Chicago against the White Sox. It is not immediately clear what prompted the attack.

According to the accounts of those sources, there has been simmering tension between both Impemba and Allen and the clash of personalities ultimately boiled over on Tuesday night.

Who hates Mario Impemba more? Rod Allen or Tigers fans? 

Who hates Rod Allen more? Mario Impemba or Tigers fans?

Seriously I have never heard anyone say they like this broadcasting crew. Wanna know what Mario is about to say? Just read the stats on the screen because all he does is repeat himself. It's time to put Shep in the booth permanently. 

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