George Zimmerman Threatens Beyonce & Jay Z, Proves He Should Be In Jail

SOURCE - George Zimmerman allegedly made menacing threats aimed at both Beyoncé and Jay-Z during the filming of “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” the docuseries the rapper co-executive produced.

In a series of text messages obtained The Blast, Zimmerman called Beyoncé a “broke whore” and promised she and Jay would “find themselves inside a 13 foot gator.”

I try to keep it PG because the only one who reads my blogs is my grandmother but I’ve had enough. 

The audacity. What George Zimmerman has done should lock him up for life. The country doesn’t seem divided at all when it comes to this topic. Honestly it only seems like people down south are ok with it. 

How dare Zimmerman suggest he will make Jay Z and Beyonce commit such a heinous act on an animal. 

Fucking alligators is gross. 

Zimmerman is so sick and into it he had to specify it is a 13 foot gator but since he is a guy we divide by two and add an an inch or two. Suggesting Beyonce is a whore? We’ve heard about your reputation around the swamps.

Imagine you’re at the bar and sitting across you you see this…


If your answer is go over there and spit some game, you probably be locked up for pre crime. And everyone knows pre crime can be just as bad as the crime. Just ask George and his alligator babies.

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