North Farmington High School ID Photos Are A Must See

Don't like it love it. Matter of fact I'm not as big school guy. I've been telling my 13 year old brother he needs to drop out ASAP Rocky but he doesn't care about good advice from his older bro. That being said this makes me want to go back to school, but only if I'm at North Farmington High School.

This tradition started a couple years ago for the seniors. Talked to Erin on the air today about her pictures, she dressed up as Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. She said they can do this because these pics are just for their ID's not the ones that go into the year book. 

Isn't that cool? A school that supports their students who want to be individuals, creative and funny!! My high school woulda hit me with a paddle if I styled my hair differently in a photo. 

All these seniors can play for my team any day, let's get back to the ID's

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