Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3 - 10 Years In State Prison

TMZ-  Bill Cosby will serve 3 to 10 Years in a Pennsylvania state prison. The judge just announced the length of sentence.  The judge has denied Cosby bail. 

In imposing the sentence the judge said, "I'm not permitted to treat him any differently based on who he is or who he was."  The judge added, "As she [Constand] said, Mr. Cosby, you took her beautiful, healthy young spirt"

Some powerful words from the judge as Bill Cosby has now been sentenced to 3 - 10 years in jail. This is a win for this district attorney because they asked for 5- 10 years. 

If Cosby ends up serving all of the time he will be 91 when he is released. We will update you with more information as it comes in. 

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