Noah Cyrus Responds To Comparisons To Miley, Relationship Status And More!

Welcome to the new podcast Heavily Anxious!

In today's episode Noah Cyrus hangs out with Joe, Ashley and Jed

Joe working in the same industry as his dad, he wanted to know if Noah had any advice. Noah discusses if she feels like she is in the shadow of Miley and what her response is if someone compares her to anyone in her family. 

“F*** that, if people want to say that, whatever”, Noah brought the attitude. As for working with her dad, “It is 10 times harder being the kid”.

As for if she is jumping into a new relationship?? "I am a relationship person... I can move on if you can meet someone new, ... Right now my heart is so hurt right now after two relationships.."

The conversation doesn't end there. Noah is curious as to how Ashley and her girlfriend date on the same cycle..

All of this and more in the imperfect podcast for the imperfect generation. 

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