Man Wanted For Stealing A "Footlong" Sub...That He Stuffed In His Pants

A Man in Florida is wanted for having a footlong in his pants. a sub in his pants, just a sub, he's a thief.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office put out a notice on their Facebook asking for help to find the Sub Stuffer. And lets be real, the post may say he stole a footlong but it was probably a 6 inch sub ;). 

But oddly this criminal reminds me of my friend Carl who would do this with subs when going to the movie theater. I would personally hit up the Burger King on M-59 across from MJR in Waterford and stuff some Double Cheeseburgers in my jacket pocket to sneak into the movie theater. But at least Carl and I would pay for our food first. 

What food do you sneak into the theater? Probably something more normal, not subs or cheeseburgers right? 

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