Jim Harbaugh Wants a Tom Brady Statue Built in Ann Arbor

Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. The GOAT. Even his haters have to admit that.

6 Super Bowl rings?!?!?! And he's not even done!

But recently, Jim Harbaugh took it a step further and suggested that a statue of Brady should be built in Ann Arbor!


Here's the thing... Tom Brady didn't do very much during his time on the Michigan football team.

He was drafted into the NFL in the 6th round, near the end of the draft. He wasn't expected to do much.

Obviously, he has done a lot !

But Harbaugh said there should be a statue in Ann Arbor, not in Boston. So is that something that really should happen?

Yes. Yes it should.

Even though he didn't do a whole lot in his time with Michigan, the man is still the GREATEST OF ALL TIME in the NFL.

He deserves a statue in Ann Arbor.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's the highlights from his time with Michigan:

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