Former Vogue Cover Model Now Homeless And Living On The Streets Of Spain

In the 1980s, model Natasia Urbano had it all - money, looks and a career. She could be found on many magazine covers, including Vogue, and spent her time partying with celebrities and raking in the cash. Today though, she is living on the streets. The former model told her story to Spain's El Periodico, detailing how when her marriage fell apart, so did her life.

Now 57, Urbano described her heyday, saying, “I did all the magazines, I was loved by everybody. I was given a million dollars a year for only 20 days of work, for three or four years. I was having dinner one day with Jack Nicholson, the following day with Andy Warhol or even Roman Polanski or Harrison Ford. I was in parties with Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson and Simon and Garfunkel." She even claimed she was the “first girl to sign a multimillion-dollar contract to advertise clothes,” however now, all that money is gone.

Urbano revealed that when she and her ex split, he got all her money. She stated, “The only good thing from that relationship has been my children, the rest was horrible. He paid for everything with my money. Only two days after knowing him, he wanted me to buy a BMW and I, like a fool, I signed a cheque. I was in love."

These days, she is staying with friends in Spain but when she can't, she resorts to spending the night in bank lobbies or wherever she can find a spot on the streets. Along with wondering where she will stay each night, Natasia is also battling depression.

She doesn't want to be a burden on her two kids or her friends, but she also said, "I want to live, not survive," adding, "I want my children to see me well, I want to recover as a person to be okay, so they can be proud of me."

A GoFundMe has been started for Urbano and already it is nearing it's goal of about $6,800. You can donate here.

Photo: Instagram/Nurbano518

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