Cat Opens Door, Wishes He Was A Dog

Now I was reading the replies to this video of a cat opening a bathroom door and I cant believe it but quite litterally everyone has it wrong.

"wow this proves how smart cats are"

"My cat knows how to do this, she watches me and just knows."

"I have 0 friends and love bad smells so I bought a cat. He opens the door, very smart."

It's simply a proven fact that all cats wish they were dogs. After all, dogs are the superior animal. Dogs from the beginning of time have been jealous of "man's best friend". Dogs get families, nice loving people. Cats are stuck with your least favorite aunt who's house smells like kitty litter yet she wonders why no one is coming over for Thanksgiving.

My point is this has been done a billion times by the gooooboooiiisss. So while everyone is gushing over some copy cat, check out the originality of dogs.

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