Mountain Dew apologizes to Yoopers, releases U.P.-themed bottle

Mountain Dew has seemed to make amends with Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This month, the popular pop (never soda) company unveiled a U.P-themed bottle consisting of major Michigan landscapes and activities.

Last month, Mountain Dew faced a plethora of backlash with a previous bottle design, which illustrated the U.P. as part of Wisconsin. People were quick to notice this mistake and took their discrepancies to twitter.

The company was inundated with tweets from angry Michiganders, and even received a tweet from Michigan's official Upper Peninsula account. In response to our justified anger, Mountain Dew released an official statement via Twitter.

"Hey, Upper Peninsula: we hear you, and we're sorry for misplacing you on our #DEWnited map."

The new label includes drawings of the Mackinac Bridge and the scenic Picture Rocks. In addition to these popular Michigan destinations, the bottle includes pictures of the U.P.'s only area code -- 906. The bottle will also consist of drawings of people partaking in Pure-Michigan activities, such as snowmobiling and kayaking to show Michigan's diverse and unpredictable weather, according to Metro Times.

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