Watching Friends At Work Leads To Company's $6Million Suit Against Employee

SOURCE - The company says she rarely came into the office, and alleges she spent “astronomical amounts of time” watching Netflix during work hours. The company alleges that during a four-day period in January, she watched 55 episodes of “Friends.” On one of those days, she ordered lunch from Caviar San Francisco and had dinner at Paola’s Restaurant, charging both meals on the company card

This has now lead to a 6 Million dollar law suit from Robert Di Niro's company against a former employee. Do I feel bad for this girl? Absolutely. How do we know she was watching Friends? I mean actually intensely and actively watching. Friends is a background show and everyone knows it.

Friends, The Office, It's Always Sunny, Seinfeld... There are more that could be added to the list. These are classics that you have seen 100s of times.

This girl was probably working her tail off while Friends was on.

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