Rihanna Bought an "Entire Archive" of Vintage Baby Phat Clothing Last Year

BABY PHAT?! Mannn, if this doesn't bring back your middle school days then I'm not sure what will. Just when I thought that brand was a fashion icon of the past, there goes Kimora Lee Simmons relaunching her fashion line Baby Phat and Rihanna can't get enough of it.

When I say RiRi can't get enough of it, I literally mean she had to buy an ENTIRE ARCHIVE of it.

"Vintage Fashion Icon" Gabriel Held actually sold his "entire archive" of Baby Phat clothing to Rihanna back in 2018 when she asked for it.

"When they found out he had a number of original Baby Phat pieces, they asked to purchase his whole collection," a publication stated.


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