7 Ways You Can Personally Help The Amazon Rainforest

Mental Floss has put together ways you can help protect the Amazon Rainforest RIGHT NOW:

  1. Protect and acre of rainforest by donating to the Rainforest Action Network.The lowest suggested donation to protect an acre is $25, but there’s also an option to enter a custom amount if you want to donate more or less.
  2. Help buy land in the rainforest by donating to the Rainforest Trust.The Rainforest Trust purchases sections of rainforests all over the world and then partners with conservationists on projects to preserve specific habitats, communities, and species. 
  3. Find sustainable rainforest products through the Rainforest Alliance.The Rainforest Alliance’s cute green frog symbol denotes that certain forest and farm products sourced from rainforests are environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.
  4. “Adopt” a sloth from the World Wildlife Fund.Sloths are one of the many animals threatened by deforestation and other habitat loss at the hands of humans in the Amazon rainforest. 
  5. Sign the Greenpeace petition to urge the Brazilian government to protect the rainforest.Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro has faced backlash for championing industry over preservation in the Amazon rainforest.
  6. Support indigenous communities by donating to Amazon Watch.Amazon Watch works with indigenous partners to expand their sustainable practices and defend their rights against industrial corporations who threaten their autonomy. 
  7. Eat less beef.As CNN reports, many of the Amazon forest fires started out as smaller fires set by farmers to clear away grazing land for their cattle. Brazil is the world’s largest beef exporter, so it’s up to us to decrease the demand for rainforest-raised beef.


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