Why 2 P.M. Is the Best Time to Go Out to Brunch

Most of the time, I'm too hungover on a Sunday to make it to brunch on time, so this new study saying 2 p.m. is the best time to get after it is amazing!

Eater recommends booking a reservation for 2 p.m. Why? "No waits, better service: The late brunch perks are endless," the food blog insists.

"You’ll likely be the last seating of the day, so there’s no pressure to vacate the table within a time limit...A quieter restaurant naturally means more attentive service, too."

To curb your appetite until then, go out to get an iced coffee with your girls (or guys) until the line dies down!

"It’ll be more pleasant than standing in a line of 30 other hangry yuppies, and there’ll be plenty of room left to gorge on home fries and mimosas" The food blog says.

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