12 Things You Should Never Buy Used Again

So, I'm a huge believer of Facebook Marketplace, which is basically people auctioning off their things that other people would take off their hands (I used this a lot for furniture when I first moved here). However, I started finding myself starting to search clothes and other things which was when I had to stop myself and say "where is the line of used items you shouldn't buy". If you're anything like me and you love a good bargain..I found a list to tell us when to stop LOL:

  1. Mattresses.Two words: bed bugs. Two more words: too old. Mattresses aren’t good for nearly as long as your childhood bedroom would like you to think. If a mattress is more than five years old, it’s likely been used too much to make it worth saving a few bucks buying secondhand.
  2. Bike helmets.The foam padding breaks down over time. A helmet that’s just a few years old might not be durable enough to protect your noggin if you go careening over a curb. Plus, a helmet that has sustained a crash should be tossed.
  3. Car seats.Unless you know the seller well, you should skip trying to save money on a car seat. Safety rules on these necessary items change frequently, and seats often get recalled for not satisfying those requirements. Plus, if the car seat has been in an accident, it should be retired. It’s not worth taking a chance on your little one’s safety.
  4. Food processors and blenders.Blenders and food processors end up on my do-not-buy list for the high likelihood that even the most gleaming of castoffs have tiny bits of old food stuck within their crevices. Grab the spare blender from your mom’s next time you visit (why does she have two, anyway?), but steer clear of these items at thrift stores.
  5. Undergarments.They’ve been up in someone else’s nether regions. It’s gonna be a no from me. Bathing suits, on the other hand? You probably have chlorine on your side.
  6. Cosmetics.Makeup tends to be a safe, cozy harbor for bacteria, so it’s best not to test your luck by using someone else’s half-used eyeshadow palette.


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