Lizzo Doesn't Like Being Called "Brave" for Loving Her Own Body

The dope rapper we all love, Lizzo, is an awesome woman who loves to flaunt her curves (as she should b*tch GET IT).

When I read this headline though, "I don't like it when people think it's hard for me to see myself as beautiful" she told Glamour, it hit me heavy. I always talk about Lizzo as the most confident, beautiful, STRONG-worded rapper out there and it kinda pisses me off that people are making such an ignorant assumption just because she's flaunting her size. Social media really can warp you if you're not careful..something I wish I could talk to every high-school girl about.

Lizzo said, "I don’t like it when people are shocked that I’m doing it. When people look at my body and be like, ‘Oh my God, she’s so brave,’ it’s like, ‘No I’m not. I’m just fine. I’m just me. I’m just sexy.’"

So, that being said, PSA: it isn't "hard" for her to show her body off, she isn't being brave while she does it, she's being herself and loving every second of it. Something I wish I could help every woman out there see about themselves. SHINE ON GIRL!

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