Camila Cabello Teases Mysterious "Romance" Project With Love-Filled Videos

Camila Cabello is apparently ready to let us in on a new era of music. Over this Labor Day weekend, she shared a variety of Instagram videos that hinted at something coming later this week.

Here's one post:

"Welcome to the world of Romance. You are cordially invited to experience the first installment on September 5, 2019. Truly surrender to the drama."

Here's another:

"A museum of loves and the stories they've left behind." And Cabello herself shared some musings in two more videos, saying, "What do I know about love? Nothing. Where does the love go when it runs out? When does it leave? Why does it die? Do you kill it in one violent blow? Or is it a million unattended, unhealed little cuts and scratches?"


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