White Claw's Parent Company Is Shorting Stores on Purpose

YO! Obviously we all heard the story about there being a White Claw shortage in America due to it's HIGH demand lately (and probably my own actions out on Cass Lake). But it looks like theres a "claw" in this story ;) omg, sorry that was an awful dad joke.

Anyways, White Claw's parent company, Mark Anthony Brands, actually wants it that way. They've been doing this thing called called allocation with their distribution, which means stores receive a set amount of the beverage, but volume doesn't increase for locations that regularly run out between orders.

"We believe this strategy has helped us be in the best position possible on shelf," Phil Rosse, White Claw's president, said in a statement. "But with the tremendous response we have had from consumers, understandably, our supply chain has tightened."

White Claw Shortage May Be On Purpose

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