Chocolate-Filled Marshmallow S'mores Kits Are Now Available At Walmart

There's no denying that fall has the best treats. Between Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brews and, well, pumpkin spice everything, autumn is full of delicious snacks to eat. While pumpkin-flavored beignets, milkshakes and even Rice Krispies are the most popular fall treats, there's a few others you need to try this year. One prime example is the chocolate-filled marshmallow s'mores kits.

The chocolate-filled marshmallow s'mores kits are perfect for people love s'mores, but lack the backyard fire pit or living room fire place to roast their own. The easy-to-assemble s'mores kits are now available at Walmart for just $6, which significantly cuts down the price of purchasing all the ingredients individually, as well. So, what does the kit include? There's one bag of Stuffed Puffs' chocolate-injected marshmallows and two sleeves of graham crackers.

The kits, which have an adorable marshmallow mascot on their eye-catching blue boxes, have already been spotted out in the wild by foodie Instagram account @TheImpulsiveBuy. "You could buy this or you could purchase Stuffed Puffs and some Honey Maid Graham Crackers separately. I don't know what janky generic graham crackers could be in this. So go with what you know. This caption was not brought to you by Nabisco," their Instagram caption reads.

Photo: The Impulsive Buy

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