Mike "The Situation" Had a Naked Pizza Party With Wife After Prison Release

To be honest, I can't figure out if I like this dude or not. He's one of those people you hate but also can't stop watching his every move because it's so bad it's good.

Real name Mike Sorrentino, (The Situation) actually was locked up for the last 8 months for tax fraud and has recently been released.

Maybe I'll like him better now that he's a free man because he did quote in a recent interview that "He's a changed man". He's 37 years-old and actually has a super hot wife named Lauren next to him who helped him celebrate by hosting a naked pizza party.

"It's fantastic. I have my beautiful wife next to me. I'm healthy, I'm sober, back at work with my best friends on the #1 show on MTV and just living the dream."


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