The Winner Of BB21 Is...

If you haven't seen Big Brother, let me fill in some blanks for you. Each summer, 16 houseguests navigate their way through physical, mental, and endurance based competitions on a quest to win $500,000 dollars. It is also a game of strategic lying, backstabbing, and unending drama. So basically, high school on steroids.

I LIVE for Big Brother season and am fully convinced my snake-like tendencies could win me the whole thing if I was on the show. However, this summer's season finale had some incredibly uncomfortable confrontations that I would want ZERO part of.

**If you haven't watched the finale yet, I guess you can stop reading here because I am about to tell you the winner. But to be honest I've already ruined it with the thumbnail picture so you should probably just keep going.**

I was all settled in and ready to watch my least favorite player of the season, Jackson Michie, win the whole thing when some very unexpected drama hit the fan. Just before the winner was crowned, Jackson was hit with accusations of bullying, degradation of women, and racism by his fellow houseguests. Everyone got reallllll quiet as he stumbled through a loose apology and denied the allegations. We all knew he was a big dummy, but this man was EXPOSED.

On Big Brother, they always say to expect the unexpected, and that is exactly what happened. In the end, the wild turn of events that unfolded did not stop Jackson Michie from winning the jury vote 5-3 and taking home the $500,000 grand prize.

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