Teen Kicked Out of Homecoming Dance For Wearing Jumpsuit

Homecoming is a memorable high school moment in any teen's life. However, this 17-year-old Floridan teen will remember her senior-year homecoming for all of the wrong reasons.

Darcy Krueger, from Tampa Bay, said she was immediately denied entry into the dance by the event planner due to her outfit ⁠— which was a jumpsuit.

Krueger told Today.com,"I had been standing in line in front of (the event planner), but the moment she saw my legs move she immediately denied me entrance. It felt very dismissive and inconsiderate."

The homecoming dance was for home-schooled teens in the Tampa Bay area, and tickets were $50. The dance's dress code states, "semi-formal dresses for young ladies," and dress pants, button-down shirts and ties for boys, according to Today.com.

The event planner, Stephanie Voth, told the website that a pantsuit does not "qualify as a dress." Voth further said the dress code was approved by parents of the community.

After the situation, Krueger's mother wrote a Facebook post telling others what happened to her daughter. Despite this situation being upsetting, photographer Jennie Ellis saw the mother’s post and offered to do a free photo shoot for Darcy, according to Fox 2 ⁠— making this dreary situation end on a positive note.

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