Netflix Original Christmas Movies Are HERE

Ok, hear me out. I am usually the first person in a room to shout about how Christmas music/decorations/etc. should be kept on lock until after Thanksgiving. HOWEVER, I am willing to make one exception. My favorite time of the whole entire year is Netflix Original Christmas Movie season and someone sound the alarms because IT'S HERE PEOPLE. There is absolutely nothing better than settling in with a cup of hot chocolate to watch national treasure Vanessa Hudgens play 15 characters at once. Because I am a kind and caring human who wants to make sure you don't miss a second of Netflix holiday cheer, here is a complete list of all of the Christmas Originals coming to the site along with the days they are dropping:

Holiday In The Wild- November 1st

Let It Snow- November 8th

Klaus- November 15th

The Knight Before Christmas- November 21st

Holiday Rush- November 28th

Merry Happy Whatever- November 28th (This one is an entire SITCOM what more could we ask for)

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby- December 5th

Well, everyone, there you have it. The schedule for my winter happiness. ENJOY!

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