Baby Yoda Completely Ruined My 2020 New Years Resolution

On January 28th I received my 2019 bank statement. This recapped all my spendings and oh lord was it an eye opener. Admittedly I am still learning life skills 3 years out of college. Is that immature? Possibly. Have I always learned more off of experience rather than lessons from others? Absolutely.

Immediately after reading this statement, I decided 2020 would be the year of saving. No more eating out, time to learn to cook. I am sticking to a new pair of shoes every 4 months rather than stalking every damn Jordan/YEEZY drop. Less trips to the bar and more moochin weed from my friends.

I am here to announce on January 29th. I was going STRONG.

As for January 30th. NO FREAKIN CHANCE.

Goals are for schmucks. $300 Baby Yoda is for ME. THIS IS THE WAY...

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