Eastern Michigan University

Make the most of your summer no matter where you are with Summer Online at Eastern Michigan University. This summer, EMU is offering over 750 online courses spanning multiple majors & minors. Our online courses allow you to earn a high-quality education with the flexibility of anywhere, anytime access. Whether you’re looking to fit in extra courses, boost your GPA, explore new programs, or just make the most of your summer, take advantage of Summer Online at EMU!

Why study online at EMU? 

·Stay motivated and avoid a learning gap between the Winter and Fall semesters.

·Explore a new minor, fulfill a pre-requisite, or register for commonly waitlisted Fall/Winter courses.

·Online courses are taught with state-of-the-art technology by our highly-skilled faculty.

·Summer courses allow you to dive deeply into one or two subjects, ratherthan taking full course loads all at once.

·Engagewith professors and other students in virtual, real-time environments with collaborative feedback.

·Take summer courses to catch up on your program of study while you're home over the summer.

Visit emich.edu to register today!

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