Mojo in the Morning's Quaran20 Challenge


Starting Weight: 282.6

Current Weight: 275.8



I've been on a weight loss journey for a few years now and I can loos weight but then I gain it back. This past January I finally was able to start loosing and have lost 17 pounds but I hit a plateau again and need extra help to push me loose the rest. I’m 25 and have self conscious about my body since I gained all this weight and want to finally loose the weight I need and keep it off!

  • Had cravings the first 2 days, but they're gone now!
  • Boyfriend is eating same meals with her and has been a great support system!
  • Learning how to measure out portion sizes and is having no sugary crashes throughout the day
  • Energy is way up!


Starting Weight: 387.2

Current Weight: 355.4



I've thought about this all morning. its too easy to say I need it to live, even though what really holds more weight than that statement? No pun intended. But I actually have a whole fat man's list of things I've never done before, things I've used to do and either cant or don't do anymore, and things I need to continue to do. Iyes been probably 10 years since I've been on a rollercoaster. I need ideal u for that. I've never been on an airplane we drive everywhere, I've never been on a zipline, I just watch my wife and son.i need to cliff dive, take a helicopter ride, actually enjoy a waterpark. Jump on a trampoline,attend a indoor event without sweating. I need to continue to coach and help my 13 to son and be a role model to him oppose to him to me. Also 10 years from now when my baby girl grows up be able to help her too. I need ideal u to RUN!I need ideal u to dance, love. And lastly live! No I mean really live!

  • I have the best fiancé in the world and she has been an amazing support system!
  • 20-25 yrs of bad eating habits are hard to kick so having some cravings, but being strict with self and feeling super motivated!
  • Has noticed better range of motions and less aches


Starting Weight: 196

Current Weight: 177.8

Update: TOTAL WEIGHT DOWN 18.2lbs


I have struggled with my weight basically all of my life and I am ready to make a change once and for all. I will be getting married next year and I want to feel confident in my wedding dress.

  • Energy way up
  • Cravings the first few days that have gone away
  • coworkers have been super supportive!
  • this is the first diet plan I've ever done and not cheated on!
  • feeling super motivated and excited to meet my fitness goals!


Starting Weight: 207.8

UPDATE: DOWN 13.8lbs

I'm so excited you guys are doing a contest to help people like me lose weight. Before I had my 3 beautiful kids I was 125 lbs 5'0. Today, I stand at a solid 205lbs. I have tried everything south beach, medical weight loss (cost a million) and even went vegan and I love me some meat.

Joke aside.. I will be 38 this year and all I want is to lose weight and be healthy. Alive and healthy to be around to enjoy myself and around to see my kids grow and be able to play and be active with them. And also be around to see and mess with their gf's and bf.

I just wanna feel good and feel healthy.

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