Rapper YelloPain Stresses Importance Of Voting In Trending Music Video

This is one of the most compelling videos on voting I've ever seen. Kimberly Latrice Jones shared this on her Instagram and its been trending everywhere. Jones is well known for her "How Can We Win" video which went viral during the protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd. (bottom of page)

The video is from rapper YelloPain and it goes into excruciating detail on how our system of lawmaking works and why its important to vote for ALL levels of our government. All of the lyrics can be found at the bottom of the page.

Some of the comments from viewers included...

"He just taught me more than school does.This man is to underrated"

"Just heard about this artist today. This is what the people need to hear."

"This man just brilliantly illustrated why Civics is rarely taught in school any more. THEY don't want you to know any of this."

Watch the video with lyrics on Jones' Instagram or the YouTube video below.

YelloPain - My Vote Dont Count

Uh, I've been broke all my life

But I kept hope all them nice

You see business in my city

Yeah they closed all them twice

I was just riding down seeing all them pot holes

I can't drive

I know y'all can fix it faster

But I know y'all won't try

Nobody care about us

And that's why I won't vote

Voted for Obama back in 2012

I remember that's when I had hope

He was saying, "Yes, we can!"

And everybody got less food stamps

And when I turn 21 I was still broke

God, I'll never vote again

I don't think I ever had a president made my life better

Did it all on my own, ain't no politician ever do a nice gesture

I don't even know the mayor name

I ain't ever seen one time ever

Tell me how she gonna help the city

What I suppose to do, write letters?

What I suppose to do, blame Trump?

He ain't never really give a uh

Ain't nobody raise minimum wage

None of these jobs pay enough

I think they just wanna keep us broke

Cause they ain't put none a place for us

This how all my people feel

But we gotta learn, we can complain enough

Let me change it up

Everything I just said, everybody I know think the same way

See, they don't wanna see us vote

And we never do so we see the same thing

But all our votes really do count

And they never really let it show

Now I'm finna break it down

Cause if I don't you would probably never know

Fist thing first, you know back in middle school

When they taught us, it was three branches of government?

We forgot it when we got older

It's the Judicial, the Legislative, and the Executive

But all we know is the Executive

That's the mayor, or governor, and the president

Now none of them three people make no laws, they just be checking 'em

The laws come to they desk and all they do is say, "No" or "Yes" to it

So when the news station tell us that Barrack Obama couldn't put us on

We was all salty at Obama when it was the Congress members all along

We gotta focus on the Legislative

Branch; yeah they the ones that make the Laws

Yeah they the ones that write how

Much food stamps money you get on the card

But when people that wanted to help us wanted the job

I know they probably lost

Cause we ain't even know they name,

We ain't know they face, we ain't know it all

So the Congress or the State House

That's the Legislative branch, they make Laws

So what we want from the President is what they do, okay y'all?

See they election every two years but we don't ever even go to those

The Congress they could raise minimum

Wage but we ain't even really know it thou

So you know how back in '08, when we all voted for Obama

We was all supposed to go back in 2010 and voted for the Congress

Cause they the ones that make child support laws

They the ones choose if your kids

At school get to eat steak or corn dog

The state house makes the courthouse

So if the country fail you can't say it's them its your fault

Cause ya ain't know to know to vote

For Congress members that was for y'all

And they don't gotta leave at the four year and we just let 'em sit

They don't want to tell you this

They want you to focus on the President

Now the third branch is the Judicial; that's judges

They the reason why John Crawford and Trayvon had justice

So when Meek Mill got locked up just

For popping wheelies we blam the judges

And not the city, when they let her get voted in

Cause they don't know who to vote against

Imagine life on the other side; roles better, schools better

Everybody get they license back, grocery store food better

Custody of your kids back, homeless people get new shelters

If we gonna fix the US, we gotta start with them two letters

Me and you

Somebody told us that the government want to keep us broke

But the only reason why those people

In the government is 'cause we ain't vote

And I ain't talking about the President

I'm talking about the ones we ain't know

See they was gonna try keep it low

But it's gonna hurt 'em when they see them polls

Every time you stay one someone is making a decision about you

Making about decision about the air you breath, the water you drink,

The food your kids eat,

And how much money you bring home very twice weeks

So every time you seat out an election,

Every time you don't show up because you think it doesn't matter,

Someone else is happy that you didn't show up.

So they can make that decision for you. Vote!

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