VIDEO: Undercover Drug Deal Ends In Pursuit And A Michigan Officer Injured

Photo: Getty Images

An undercover drug deal between Wyandotte officers and a man ended in an officer injured and a police pursuit on Wednesday afternoon (June 9).

According to WXYZ, the man sold crack cocaine to the undercover officers. After the man realized what was going on, the situation escalated.

"One officer approached the driver side, the man immediately put the car in reverse and slammed into one of our patrol vehicles," said Deputy Chief Archie Hamilton.

Hamilton says the man drove off with a police officer trapped in between the driver's-side door and the vehicle. "He takes off with this officer attached to the car, injures him severely he could've killed him. Finally, the officer was launched, and his body went 25 feet and landed on the pavement."

After the officer was thrown from the vehicle, and the driver sped off, beginning a short police pursuit, WXYZ reported.

The driver hit another car and rolled his own vehicle onto someone's front lawn. He was able to get out from the damaged car and took off on foot, but the pursuit ended about a block away.

Police say it is a miracle no one got hurt in the rollover crash. They also told WXYZ that this is not the man's first attempt to flee the police.

The officer that was injured is expected to make a full recovery.

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