Michigan State Police Warns Residents To Stay Out Of Flooded Areas

Photo: Michigan State Police

Areas around the state are flooded after this weekend's heavy rain, and some Michigan residents are using the submerged streets as an opportunity to go swimming, but police are warning everyone to steer clear from the water.

In a series of tweets, Michigan State Police said that because they received reports of drivers going around barricades, divers checked the area of I-94 and Rotunda to be sure all vehicles that were underwater were empty.

Fortunately, all eight vehicles that were checked were empty. The Detroit News reported that according to Lt. Michael Shaw, there have been no fatalities or injuries reported to state police.

Drivers were not the only resident's police had to issue a warning for. In another tweet by Michigan State Police, they said, "Finally in the things I would never thought I would have to say: Do not go into the water. This water has debris, sharp metal, submerged cars, gasoline and oil floating in it. There is also a good chance that there is sewage also in the water. In other words it's gross!"

Along with the tweet was a picture where you can see people getting into the water and using pool floats.

Police also noted in another tweet, "Please do not go around or move barricades. And as always if you see standing water, turn around."

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