Michigan State Police Find Gun Hidden Inside Woman's Fake Pregnant Belly

Photo: Getty Images

A hidden gun was discovered in a very unlikely place during a traffic stop in the city of Inkster on Tuesday (June 29).

According to MLive, Michigan State Police pulled a Chrysler 200 over for a traffic violation. Police say the driver of the vehicle told police that she was driving on a suspended license and also said she was pregnant.

A female trooper searched the woman and discovered the woman was actually wearing a stuffed pouch under her shirt. Inside of the stuffed pouch was a semi-automatic pistol.

The pistol was not the only item seized during the traffic stop. A male passenger of the Chrysler 200 admitted to police that he was in possession of oxycodone.

Michigan State Police tweeted about the incident in three separate tweets with added photos.

In the tweet describing the incident, they wrote:

"Troopers located a semi-automatic pistol from the stuffing. Her male passenger admitted to being in possession of oxycodone and was also taken into custody. Both suspects were lodged at Inkster PD on CCW and possession charges. Pends prosecutor review."

The tweeted photos show a pile of stuffing, a handgun, a bag of bullets, and oxycodone.

Both suspects were arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and possession charges.

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