Home Improvement Store Removing Hot Dog Stands From All Michigan Locations

Photo: Getty Images

There is nothing like going into a store for some tools and coming out with a hot dog!

Well, Michiganders will no longer have that luxury because Home Depot has decided to remove every hot dog stand from all of its locations.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the hot dog stands closed in spring of 2020 due to the pandemic, but now a year later, they will be closed for good. Christina Cornell, a Home Depot spokesperson, said the company wishes their food vendors the best of luck.

"In March 2020, our in-store food vendors were asked to close for the safety of customers and associates, and the decision has been made to suspend food vendor operations in Michigan so we can focus on serving customers with their home improvement needs," Cornell said.

Dolores Guzman worked at a hot dog stand inside the Woodhaven Home Depot for 12 years and bought the stand in 2019. She told the Detroit Free Press that they were only open for six months before she had to close down in 2020.

"We are so bummed out; I loved working with Home Depot," Guzman said. "We just purchased it and they didn't give us a chance."

Guzman added that she found out about the closing of all Home Depot hot dog stands through an email from Street Eats, a company she pays to rent the space for her stand.

Michigan State Representative Darrin Camiller, who happens to be Guzman's nephew, wrote in a Facebook post that he hopes Home Depot "reconsiders this decision."

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