Fright Village at Canterbury in Lake Orion is Terrifying

Yo! So I checked out Fright Village in Lake Orion and I thought I was ready for it. I was not. Saturday is the last day to check it out!

Fright Village has four different haunts, Phryte Manor, Phryte Wing at Sunnydale Hospital, Phryte Doll Factory are all in the castle, and Phryte Garden is an outdoor haunt behind the castle.

All four of them are extremely well done and, frankly I was no prepared. I watch a lot of horror movies so I thought I would be able to handle the haunts without so much as breaking a sweat, but I was out of breath and emotionally exhausted after going through all four.

Final chance to experience the 4 haunts at Fright Village in Lake Orion is this Saturday.

Michigan’s newest and scariest haunted attractions, and the only haunted castle in the Midwest with confirmed evidence that the property has spirits throughout!

Enter if you dare the 3 haunts within the castle and the outdoor haunted gardens behind it.

Also, don’t miss the Phryte Club, inside the castle at Fright Village. 21+ welcome, DJ, Dancing, Crafted Brews & Spirits,

This will sell out, so get your tickets today at

Phryte Manor Part 1

Phryte Manor 1

Phryte Manor Part 2

Phryte Manor 2

Phryte Wing at Sunnydale Hospital

Phryte Wing

Phryte Doll Factory

Phryte Doll Factory

Phryte Garden

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