Photographer Falls Off Stage; Breaks Back In Front Of Matt Stafford

Yikes! This was scary.

At the Super Bowl Parade in Los Angeles, a female photographer named Kelly Smiley was on the celebration stage taking photos of the events happening in front of her.

At one point Matthew and Kelly Stafford were in front of her and she raises her camera to get a shot of the two of them together, and starts taking a few steps backward to get a better shot.

Unfortunately, she fell nearly 10 feet off the stage and ended up fracturing her spine and severely damaging her photography equipment.

Kelly Stafford can be seen rushing to the edge of the stage to help, while Matthew, who at first appears shocked at what happened, then turned and walked away.

Matthew has been taking quite a bit of heat on social media for his initial reaction being to walk away instead of help. Some think it was awful, others think he could have been getting help or simply knew there was nothing he could do. See some of the Twitter reactions below the video.

Read more from TMZ here.

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