Delivery Driver Caught On Camera Stealing A Family's Cat

Imagine not being able to find your beloved family cat, and checking your surveillance footage only to find that a delivery driver had made off with your pet.

From CHCH News:
"Rebecca and Carlo Belforte had a Dominos pizza delivered to their home just before 6 PM on Tuesday when they realized something was missing. Dwight, the family's 12-year-old grey cat was nowhere to be found.

The couple says when they checked the home surveillance camera footage. After the pizza was dropped off, the couple says the delivery driver was spotted carrying the couple's cat under his arm and placing Dwight in his car. The video stops before the driver takes off.

The Belforte's say when they reached out to Dominos, they were connected directly with the driver from the video who allegedly took their cat. The driver said he didn't have him anymore. Carlo said the driver told him he had abandoned Dwight almost 10 kilometres from the couple's home in the area of Gordon Drummond Avenue and Kennard Street.

The couple quickly took to social media in hopes that someone could help find Dwight, and they gained some traction. The couple is offering a reward of 500 dollars for anyone who is able to find Dwight."

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